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John K. Contois

AKA J Kendall

/Artist Story

Born in Illinois in 1965

J Kendall has been interested in art all his life, beginning with drawing as a child and moving on to drafting and architecture.  However architecture school led him into construction rather than more art.   He never lost the desire to create and make things that make people happy. Over time J has worked in many mediums to express his art, including: Model Trains, Miniature War Games, Ceramics, Clay Sculpting, Painting, Drawing, Creative Writing, Music, Comics and Wood Burning.   In all of these art forms he has been able to use creativity and talent to bring joy to others.  J Kendall continues to learn art through classes and teaching others to enjoy art and crafting.  Since 2012 J Kendall has been focusing on wood burning, doing a variety of pieces that reflect his varied interests.​

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