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The art of painting with fire!


Also known as wood burning, Pyrography is an enjoyable art form.   This medium combines the techniques of drawing with shading and texture to bring out wonderful interpretations of your subject. 


The tools are very basic and your pictures can be as detailed or simple as you like. It is an art form that is very easy to learn, but will give you years of enjoyment as you master new textures and and learn new techniques.


Almost anything can be done with Pyrography.   You can wood burn a picture from a photograph or drawing.  There are limitless shading and texture possibilities that allow stunning recreations of your subject.,  You can also use pyrography on wood, leather, gourds, and paper each surface giving subltle differences in the character of your pictures.
Below is a slide show of a wood burning project step by step. 


Mouse over the image and you will see a play button in the bottom right corner.
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