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Volo Malls Information

Showcase 326

Welcome to Volo Antique Malls Mercantile Building, walking dowm the main isle you will see a great selection of antiques, gifts, crafts and toys.  The cashier is in the middle of the building along the main isle.  
Our booth is just of the main isle right near the cashier station.
To the right is a slide show showing our booth area.
Volo Antique Malls are located at 27640 W. Volo Village Rd. near 12 and rt 120 in Volo Illinois.
(See map on left.)
There is plenty to do on the grounds of Volo Antique Malls.   There are 4 buildings of malls, The Volo Auto Museum, a 50's Cafe and Picninc Area.
Fun for the whole family!
Volo Gift Cards are available and can be used for merchandise at the Mall
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